I saw a dragon 

On an ordinary winter morning 
While walking the dog 
Snow crunching beneath my moccasins 

I saw a dragon 

Sleep still blurring my vision 
Breath curling into 
Serpents of November mist 

A glorious red dragon 
Streaking across the sky 
Long tail of light 
Streaming behind 
A banner of destiny 

A dragon! 
I stood, transfixed 
Conversing with probability 
Until I released to wonder 
Too awe-struck to wish upon 
Or rationalize away 

This momentous magic 
Meteor portent 
Blazing before me 
For an instant elevating 
Me beyond my gnome Christmas pyjamas 
And all the mundane holdings 
Of an ordinary life 

The world reconfigured 
Within the dark, chilled starlight 
To the bright roar 
Of a dragon’s call.

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