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  1. Proof of Life

From the recording Proof of Life

<p><em>Inspired by &ldquo;The Velveteen Rabbit&rdquo; &ndash; Margery Williams</em></p>
<p>For years I had in my mind the idea of writing a song about a stuffy.&nbsp; Originally I meant to write about a lost toy and even had a video in my mind.&nbsp; When it came to writing the song, I kept coming back to the notion of &ldquo;realness&rdquo; from the Velveteen Rabbit.&nbsp;&nbsp; People often look to others to be the doorway of validation for their lives.&nbsp;&nbsp; What it is that truly makes us real, the titles and traits others bestow upon us or the ones we claim for ourselves? &nbsp; &nbsp;</p>
<p>Written in February of 2012</p>
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<p>I thought your love would make me real<br /> Give me a heart, not just this space<br /> Waiting for filler and messy parts<br /> Waiting for more<br /><br /> Could I be real without you?<br /> You were the door<br /> The passageway to tomorrow<br /><br /> Lots of strange ways to be made<br /> Some were so sharp, clockworks and ire<br /> Me, I was soft, velveteen<br /> Plush doesn&rsquo;t break<br /><br /> Maybe I&rsquo;m real without you<br /> There&rsquo;s still a door<br /> A passageway to tomorrow<br /> These wounding tears falling for you<br /> Proof of a life, the moment I knew<br /> You weren&rsquo;t my savior though I loved you true<br /> Gifts sometimes hurt<br /> And I was real<br /> Oh I was real <br /> I am real without you<br /><br /> I was the door<br /> The passageway to my tomorrow</p>