1. Proof of Life

From the recording Scorpion Moon

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Inspired by The Velveteen Rabbit by Margery Williams

For years I had in my mind the idea of writing a song about a stuffy. Originally I meant to write about a lost toy and even had a video in my mind. When it came to writing the song, I kept coming back to the notion of from the Velveteen Rabbit. People often look to others to be the doorway of validation for their lives. What it is that truly makes us real, the titles and traits others bestow upon us or the ones we claim for ourselves?
Written in February of 2012


I thought your love would make me real
Give me a heart, not just this space
Waiting for filler and messy parts
Waiting for more
Could I be real without you?
You were the door
The passageway to tomorrow

Lots of strange ways to be made
Some were so sharp, clockworks and ire
Me, I was soft, velveteen
Plush doesn't break
Maybe I'm real without you
There's still a door
A passageway to tomorrow

These wounding tears falling for you
Proof of a life, the moment I knew
You weren't my saviour though I loved you true
Gifts sometimes hurt
And I was real
Oh I was real
I am real without you
I was the door
The passageway to my tomorrow