1. Hold

From the recording Scorpion Moon

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Approximately 8% of adults will experience clinical depression in their lifetime, a debilitating and isolating reality. Those statistics tell me that everyone has known someone with clinical depression, someone reading this right now has been mired in the depths of that dark spiral. Once I was asked "do you understand?" when confronted with the terrible reality of another's misery. I wasn't sure how to answer, not wanting to discount or take away from the pain I was being presented with. This song was my answer.
Written in January 2010


Love, dry your eyes
I hold you inside
Let all of this beauty fall
Let it fall through you now
Cast off the mantle of Atlas
And let me hold your sadness
The offering hand
Bridging the sky and the land
Darling I know how you've cried
Shuddering chasms of mind
Oh there is nothing to say
To chase such shadows away
So I will hold on
Hold on with you

Courage, it seems
A never ending bleed
What use is vanquishing the night
Only to be blinded by the light?
Sometimes it's living each bated breath
To find yet another left
The heart pounding still
Is your true strength of will
Darling I know how you've tried
To banish all those cracks that you hide
No I won't let you go
Into the darkness alone
So I will hold on
Hold on

Darling I know of your tides
Filaments of moon spun desires
Held in your long, deep sea
Is such knowing of me
Please won't you hold on?
Hold on with me
Love dry your eyes
I hold you inside