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  1. Hold

From the recording Hold

<p>Approximately 8% of adults will experience clinical depression in their lifetime, a debilitating and isolating reality. &nbsp; Those statistics tell me that everyone has known someone with clinical depression, someone reading this right now has been mired in the depths of that dark spiral. &nbsp;Once I was asked "do you understand?" when confronted with the terrible reality of another's misery. &nbsp;I wasn't sure how to answer, not wanting to discount or take away from the pain I was being presented with. &nbsp;This song was my answer. &nbsp;</p>
<p>Written in January 2010</p>
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<p>Love, dry your eyes<br /> I hold you inside<br /> Let all of this beauty fall<br /> Let it fall through you now<br /> Cast off the mantle of Atlas<br /> And let me hold your sadness<br /> The offering hand <br /> Bridging the sky and the land<br /> Darling I know how you&rsquo;ve cried<br /> Shuddering chasms of mind<br /> Oh there is nothing to say<br /> To chase such shadows away<br /> So I will hold on<br /> Hold on with you<br /><br /> Courage, it seems<br /> A never ending bleed<br /> What use is vanquishing the night<br /> Only to be blinded by the light?<br /> Sometimes it&rsquo;s living each bated breath<br /> To find yet another left<br /> The heart pounding still<br /> Is your true strength of will<br /> Darling I know how you&rsquo;ve tried<br /> To banish all those cracks that you hide<br /> No I won&rsquo;t let you go<br /> Into the darkness alone<br /> So I will hold on<br /> Hold on <br /><br /> Darling I know of your tides<br /> Filaments of moon spun desires<br /> Held in your long, deep sea<br /> Is such knowing of me<br /> Please won&rsquo;t you hold on?<br /> Hold on with me<br /> <br /> Love dry your eyes<br /> I hold you inside</p>