Sora - Voice, Piano, Violin

Sora is a World/Celtic singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. Her engaging stories straddle the realms of mythic and modern. Her transcendent voice will carry you on journeys of .me and place.

Sora's 4th full-length album, Ghostlines, offers her distinct ethereal, melodious story-telling distilled down to a sublime, matured exploration of the of shared humanity. Hauntings of pain, sorrow, love, redemption growth, mortality, becoming, and connection family an album that whispers secrets with poignant power. Sora’s experience as a counsellor and recent completion of a Masters of Counselling is glimpsed in her delicate examinations of power, identity, and the legacy of abuse. 

Sora’s poetics earned her a 2020 Prix Aurora Award winner for her lyrics, Bursts of Fire, based on the Addicted to Heaven book series authored by Susan Forest and published by Laksa Media Group. Her previous album, Scorpion Moon charted on community radio stations across North America and was nominated for a 2013 Canadian Folk Music Award in the Solo World Artist category.

Sora is a seasoned performer. She has 30+ years of experience on stage including festivals, showcases, conferences, concert series, art installations, and solo concerts. Sora’s crystalline voice, unusual instrumentation and penchant for threading stories and narratives through her live performance make her a unique commodity.

Sora’s introspective, evocative musical landscapes reveal her to be a musician of uncanny sensitivity to meaning. Her sound brings to mind luminaries like Loreena McKennitt. Her affecting songs linger long past the last note has sounded.

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Winds of Change 2003
Light EP 2007
Heartwood 2009
Legacy single 2010
Giant's Causeway Single 2011 (co-write with Nicky Bendix)
Wings in Flight Single 2011 (co-write with Cindy O'Neil)
Scorpion Moon 2013
Bursts of Fire single 2019
Ghostlines 2021