Gwion Bach 

I chase and am chased
A circle with no end
Running ceaselessly toward
Away from each
Shape-shifting iteration

I have been the hare
Nimbly alert
To the initiated venery
Of this earth body home


I have been the hound
Stalking, running, lapping
The blood marrow hungers
of love


I have been the salmon
Leaping forward in waters of time
Evolving ancestral wisdom
In onward sacrifice


I have been the otter
Sleek smile cutting
Turbulent waters with
Sharp teeth of intuition


I have been the wren
Deftly downplaying
Darting unseen
Into an air of underestimation


I have been the hawk
Pursuing each achievement
Building wings of caught feathers
Defying limitations


I have been the grain
Waiting to be consumed
Trembling with the blueprint
Of my creation


I have been the hen
Gobbling glutinous seeds
To fee the ravenous fires
Of every becoming

Round and round
and round again
And, and, and, and
Until the circle 
Simply sings
I am. 

Time of Water 

It is the time of water
Ice cracking
The thunderous rush
Of held emotions
Breaking down
Static stoicism
Rushing past
Careful cultivations
White-foamed galloping
Toward a merging
With the sea

I take a deep breath
Plunge into the tears
Bursting through
This dam
Of proper expression
Gulp for air
As I tumble through
The bruising pain
Of smashed expectations
While words churn
Just out of reach

It is the time of water
I turn inwards
That this outpouring
Is a necessary release
Of frozen holdings
Finally flooding free

That I will make it
To the ocean
Join the tidal flow
And finally, know the peace
Of being held
Floating upon
My sacred deep

Winter Solstice  

Solstice breathes
The slow heartbeat
Of earth sleeping
Beneath drifts
Of time and space

Darkness calls
Opening secret rooms
In the rooted shadows
Between surface
And the deep

I enter
Tenderly curled
In the chthonic embrace
Of whispered dreams


 I saw a dragon 

On an ordinary winter morning 
While walking the dog 
Snow crunching beneath my moccasins 

I saw a dragon 

Sleep still blurring my vision 
Breath curling into 
Serpents of November mist 

A glorious red dragon 
Streaking across the sky 
Long tail of light 
Streaming behind 
A banner of destiny 

A dragon! 
I stood, transfixed 
Conversing with probability 
Until I released to wonder 
Too awe-struck to wish upon 
Or rationalize away 

This momentous magic 
Meteor portent 
Blazing before me 
For an instant elevating 
Me beyond my gnome Christmas pyjamas 
And all the mundane holdings 
Of an ordinary life 

The world reconfigured 
Within the dark, chilled starlight 
To the bright roar 
Of a dragon’s call.



She says:
Hold on to yourself.
You are not done unraveling,
pulling thread
upon thread from the ply.
Trust, have faith.
Soon all the stories
that were not yours
will be spun out
pulled from the liminal edge
of your sacred space;
cast to the wind
to spiral pirouetting
into their own destinies.
Not yours though,
untwined and rubbed raw

you will come before me
to ask the question
that is yours alone to ask;
A circle opening and closing,
creating the sanctuary
Of your being

Can you feel it?
The healing sway
of the willow tilting
your grounding to beyond

Can you hear it?
The red-winged call of blackbird
parting the veil
to wilding mystery

I am here
I have always been here
The sacred weave
Of your numinous holding.

Ode to an early riser 

Have you walked on the liminal edge 
Of early morning light? 

Mist cloaking 
The sleepy face of the river 
Before the day pulls 
Aside her white veils? 

Haunting calls 
Of the geese lingering 
Beyond the cattail quietudes 
Of willow-bound solace 

Delighted wonder 
From last night’s rain 
Dripping into the harmonies 
Of the forest floor 

Have you come 
Into the solitude that was always to be your gift 
Dissolving muddy night questions 
Into the liquid alchemy 
Of presence? 

These moments are beyond telling. 

Will you come, asks the river 
Will you meet me 
On the edge of all things 
To become, just for a moment 
Everything and nothing?


I didn’t know I needed to grieve 
Until the blackberry grove 
Opened itself within me 
Thorny dome entangled 
As it was with all the sharp 
Rage that had held me together 
And kept me apart. 

Enter it said, 
Move within the protected hollow 
See the white petaled stars 
Softness behind the pain 
Lay within the hallowed womb 
Until you become as water 
Flowing around and through 
While the night cascades around you.


Midsummer day
The leaves shimmy
Beneath a changeable sky
This moment, these moments
Cycling year to year
Threaded through the 
Eye of the solstice
Despite my tired countenance
I connect. Into the legacy of
Our sun rhythms
The tilted dance
Of millennia of seasons

Remembrance flares
Of many circling hands
Held and spinning
The shimmer of sacred space
For a moment my singularity
Is blinding in its ache
I lean in, breathe. 
The poplar fluffs float by
A gentle nudge
   to the now
   to my belonging to this place
   to this time
   to today's solstice gifts. 


I am more than an opposite force 
More than a definition of absence 
I am not the negative space left 
    by your expectations 
I am presence. An additive
Even with all these mosaic pieces 
Scattered colours and patterns 
Held together in synergy.  
The piece you see
Are not placed in defiance 
Of you 
     your patterns 
     your palette 

An oeuvre expression 
Of longing to become. 
An emergence beyond 
My childhood factory setting 
Into a unique definition 
Outlined by a knowing 
That is not yours 
But mine.  

I am more than a comfortable landscape 
To hang on your wall 
A bought solace ready 
To comfort you with pleasant 
Unchallenged in your perspective.  
I am no Rorshach 
To project yourself onto  
Nor mirror 
To reflect back 
The form of your preferences

I am an unfinished piece 
As unbound, dynamic 
As the changing seasons 
Pulling crimson fire 
Against alabaster drifts 
Bursting verdant 
From within a cerulean flow. 

I am more 
And less 
Then what you have conceived 
Then what you see 
I am no angel, nor devil 
Rather a complex balance 
Of line, shape, and composition.  
Could you come to appreciate 
Me, even if you don't understand?   

Regardless, I must persist 
In the insistence 
Of this multi-faceted vision 
That continues to reclaim me 
     heal me 
     save me       
     create me

Palm Marks 

Palm-marks press into soft moments 
A feathering lineage outlining  
The hands 
Of me 

I trace these branching wonders 
Proof of passage 
As delicately as I hold all the 
Entwining joys and sorrows 
They leaf from the same stem 
Unique in pattern, and far more intricate 
More complex 
Than any shape I could try to squeeze myself into 

This is me, lines that carry beyond the borders 
A brief imprint of the hand-held vulnerability 
Ever ready to reach out and hold the sky



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Previous events


Shades of the Living Light The music of Hidegard von Bingen

Yoga MCC, 2028b 33rd Ave. SW., Calgary, Alberta


Shades of the Living Light

The music of Hidegard von Bingen

March 12, 2016 7:00-9:30pm

$30+ gst

Vanessa Cardui - voice, guitar

Sora - voice, piano

Dorothy Bishop - cello

Trudy Hipwell - percussion

Prashant - bansuri, guitars

"The beauty and depth of theme found in Hildegard’s theology, philosophy, cosmology and medicine can all be found condensed in her music as in a jewel."


Sands of Time Exhibit

Essentia, 1113 Kensington Rd. N.W., Calgary, AB

We would love to invite you to the Sands of Time Opening Reception where you will be able to view Liba's incredible peices of art, while contemplating time. Sora will also be singing Celtic melodies that are sure to put you in awe!Liba Labik is a local visual artist who explores in her latest work time and its impact on life. She is using mainly oil, encaustic and mixed media in her work.During Liba's Opening Reception for "The Sands of Time," Sora will be singing. Sora is a World/Celtic singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist whose soaring voice and poetic lyrics have garnered her international acclaim. *30% of each art piece sold in January at Essentia will go to the Calgary Wildlife Rehabilitation Society.For more information, please visit:


Annual Candlelight Shindig

The Lantern Community Church, 1401 10th Ave SE, Calgary, AB

A Christmas story interspersed with holiday music.