1. Light

From the recording Heartwood

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Can we forgive the sins of others upon us? Can we find our way from the darkest corners of humanity into light? This is a question I have struggled with, having seen the pain and torment people are capable of inflicting upon each other while working with Child and Family Services. Light was written as a way for me to come to grips with the sadness of all those stories I heard, of all the tears I held in my heart, of such ragged desire to simply be loved. And perhaps it was written as a way to forgive.
Light was resung at the end of a very long day of singing. We decided to just try a new vocal on it and did a couple of takes of it. I am pleased with softness of this version and can envision even a completely different arrangement which includes cello.
Written in 2004


In light, forgiveness comes
The shadows fall away
At night, the shadows pray
For just that glimpse of sun

And if I could, I’d melt away
If just to once be free of pain
In light the darkness fades
And memory slips away

In light redemption comes
To wash away the past
At night the thoughts that plague
Are searching for the light

And if I could I’d fly away
On wings of wax, released of chains
In light the shadows fade
And memory slips away

And in my heart, I know the key
The light inside will set me free
The past is done, must let it be
The light inside, will set me free

In light salvation comes
As light and dark are one
At night the shadows play
They’re just one side of light