1. Immortal

From the recordings Ghostlines and Ghostlines

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I have a voracious appetite for books; I am drawn less to genre or type of book than to clarity and beauty in writing. I have a particular fondness for tragic, philosophical characters. The quest for immortality tends to focus on the gifts of unlimited time, yet there is a deep pain found in immortal characters who have lost their link to the rhythms of life and have watched every mortal love age and die. This is my nod to Dracula and Louis, figures that I could not leave behind once the last page was read.


What life is life immortal?
When years are glancing thoughts
And love is naught but ashes
On graves the past has lost
What terrible gods have we become?
Gone from the mirror
Reflection nothing but shadows of
The tumbling wind
Our crumbling tears
The dust of my heart

Lonely like a virus
Caught in blood I just can't sate
Falling, always falling
From that one moment of grace
Oh let me go
Oh let me fall
Oh let me become
The tumbling wind
Your crumpled tears
The dust of your heart

To live beyond the measure
Is worlds I cannot know
No one should live to see
Their ideals turned to stone
Please let return passion to time
Rosy-lipped day, heady desire
If just one moment until
The tumbling wind
Such crumpled tears
Make dust of my heart

The tumbling wind
My crumpled tears
The dust of my heart