Art Begets Art

It is my belief that inspiration begets inspiration, that when we see others doing what they are inspired to do, that it provokes within a harmonic response which requires expression.  In such ways, inspiration cycles continuously, passing seamlessly through all manner of creators, like a infinite game of telephone, altering itself by the mediums it moves through.  I find my inspiration in many places, including literature, poetry and artwork.  Occasionally I will be lucky enough to be told that my words or notes inspired someone to create.  Those moments are precious to me for it brings me great to joy to be given glimpses of where the muses have alighted after they have worked through me.  Below are some fabulous examples.  

 Drift - Liba Labik

Liba is a semi-abstract painter who works in a variety of mediums.  Her paintings "analyze life through the veiled connections between natural and human worlds". 

Liba's work cannot be fully appreciated without seeing it live.  Many of them are encaustics and have bits of poetry, prose or lyrics entangled within the hidden layers of the painting.  

This particular piece was inspired by "Drift" and if you look very closely, you can see some of the lyrics, barely visible between the shadows and light.  



 Light - Liba Labik

All three of these watery paintings were part of a collaborative multi-disciplinary exploration of the spirit of water called "Naiads". The art installation was displayed at Artpoint Gallery a& Studio between October 5-27 2012 and featured paintings by Liba Labik, paintings and sculptures by Pam Sims Dalsin and an ambient musical and spoken word water suite by myself and Erin Dingle.   

This piece was part of that exhibition and was inspired by my song "Light" (from Heartwood)




Aqua Vitalis - Liba Labik

Inspired by the lyrics from"Aqua Vitalis"

Ancient seas feed your tears
All that was ever is
I am the drops
The endless ocean within you

And I'm calling to you
It's the sound of silence
Of desire
Don't you want to drown with time?
Don't you want to rise from the deep
Seasons turn
Even kings return
To the yielding sea

In the stillness between ebb and flow
In the shadow of the moon's tears
On the shoreline of your solitude
In the swells beyond this world

I wove all of your spilled dreams
Threaded them through
The folds of these years
I foretold all of the futures
In your soul
Held the cloth of your song
Taut through your restless cries
Healed the scars beneath
Your scarab eyes


Goodbye Lullaby - Adrea Wirl

This is the epitome of idea evolution to me.  One morning I sent a demo I had recorded in my living room to my sister friend, Adrea.  That afternoon, she wrote me back with this jpg attached to the email saying that the song inspired her to create this piece of art.  There can be no greater praise for a song or piece of lyric than that.  ~smile~  

Adrea's multi-media work is whimsical and full of dynamic, unique beauty.  

Goodbye lullaby
All these years are falling, falling
Gone and left behind
My lucid becoming
Goodbye lullaby

Real - Adrea Wirl

Adrea created this postcard based on my song "Proof of Life" (Scorpion Moon).  I loved it so much I used it for my press kits.  

Could I be real without you?
You were the door
The passageway to tomorrow



Undone - Adrea Wirl

This postcard piece was inspired by "Mermaid Song" (Scorpion Moon)

I can't regret this love like water
I can't regret the love that led me to you
You gave me the sun
You gave me the air I'll relinquish
My mermaid's song undone