1. Hurricane

From the recording Heartwood

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Hurricane is a story of possession, the kind of obsessive love that pulls you in with its intensity, knocks the breath right out of your lungs and has you desperately searching for solid ground again. Why stay, except that the air is electric with desire, why stay but for the sweetness of being obsessed over. It is the story of needing to feel loved and then trying to find oneself again after being consumed by it. A lot went into the creation of this song. Hurricane was a painstakingly slow song to write. I wrote and rewrote lyrics, worked for months and months on how to structure the song and had endless conversations with myself about `what was I trying to say`. I drew a lot from experiences I have had with obsessively possessive people, including one romantic relationship I had which left me shell shocked, numb and crying almost every day. I also drew from non-romantic relationships that bordered on possession. It was gruelling at times, and though I am generally a positive and upbeat person, Hurricane has been a song that purged a lot of memories, and leftover pain. For anyone who has ever wondered `How did it get to this? How did I get to a point where I allowed myself to be treated like this?`, this song is for you. I have thought those thoughts, and at one particularly low point I wondered if I would ever laugh again.
Written in Spring of 2008


You’re a whirlwind
Came in like a summer storm
Temptuous heat, precipitous release
Moving through, everything I knew
I’m surrounded by you
Caught in your eyes, their dark restless seas
Take possession of me, love is all I can see

You felt real in my cut-throat world of make believe
Savage ire, insatiable desire
I dance through your moods
Trying to subdue, the trust I once knew
I’m sacrificed on the altar of you
Is this what it means to be loved by you?

I can’t stand your lies any more

In the eye of the storm
You were so sweet
Oh, so sweet
But you are what you are
And the storm it brew inside
Why, why why oh
Why must you be a hurricane

Good intentions fill the empty space between
Battered words and never being heard
Crushed by this need, that won’t let me breathe
Your storm surge of jealousy
I’m going insane
I’m losing my way in this deluge of pain
Oh I need some shelter again

I can’t live like this anymore

In the eye of the storm you were sweet
Oh, so sweet
But you are what you are
The storm, it brews inside
Why why, why, oh
Why must you be a hurricane

Why must you be a hurricane