I read your blog in the SAC newsletter a couple weeks ago and I really enjoyed the way it was written!  Very poetic and the theme of living and dying to create was incredibly poignant.  I actually ended up writing a song on that concept following reading your post :)  Thanks so much for being the inspiration for the tone!” - Jessica Speziale


I highly recommend you listen to the new album, Scorpion Moon, by the remarkable singer SORA. This is a winner. Already acknowledged as one of the leading vocalists in the new age music genre, her sound also touches on folk, Celtic, neo-classical and pop. This is her third full-length album and it contains all-original material. This talented artist, who majored in psychology in college, shows a deep interest in mythology, fairytales, archetypes, feminism, collective consciousness, and narratives that illuminate our life passage. Check out her lyrics in the CD booklet. Her strong, soaring voice is backed by soft and subtle acoustic instruments including piano, violin, cello, harp, flutes and a variety of world-music instruments. Although the band does not get too many chances to step forward and shine, they provide a solid, tight-knit and tasty platform from which Sora launches her incredibly pure and powerful voice. She is like an angel with opera training. Reading about this incredible voice won’t cut it. You are going to have to go out, track down her music online, and find a site that will let you listen. Even they only let you sample 30-second excerpts, you should know in a flash what a great singer Sora is, so do yourself a favor and check this lady out.” - Lillian

from Magle International Music Forums

Just had a little time to listen to your new recording - it is wonderful!...The songs are so beautiful, the arrangements are spectacular, and the vocals are so heartfelt and soulful.  A wonderful thing to gift to the world.” - Jeff Stockton

Celtic Harpist & Story Teller

Your voice is as from from being `imperfect` as is the harsh winter from the fertile summertime...your voice blends perfectly with the violin, you`re both musical instruments played with rare quality…” - George Dula

— Fan

Your ability to tell a story is stunningly beautiful. The added ability to translate those thoughts into song ~ with your beautiful voice that brings both a smile to my face and tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing your wonderful gift with us” - Amy Madsen

— Fan

Your music is so captivating and inspiring. In a world that seems to have lost it`s faith, your music touches something inside that needs to reminded of beauty.” - Laura Markee

— Fan

Honestly, you have an incredible gift. I was stilled completely by the power of your voice, the words on the CD cover, and the way the spirit of your song washed over and through and all about my tired self and carried me to that perfect place where music does its work of healing and rejuvenating and moving ones soul to where it needs to be. Thank you. I love the way you articulate your words so perfectly, I love the tone and the range of your voice, I love the ethereal quality of the music. I have no talent but the talent to recognize other`s talent - and yours is considerable! ” - Terri Dauter

— Fan

I think it`s been a while so I just wanted to say how wonderful, beautiful, and talented you are. I`m listening to Heartwood while I study, and am struck over and over at the wholeness of it,,,, it isn`t only captivating music, or thought provoking lyrics, or a hot babe of an artist,,, it`s all of those things together which make the whole so much more amazing. The bend of the music that shapes around phrases that touch me so deeply I feel them pool in eyes, or curl in my belly over and over again is, simply, undeniably, entrancing.” - Tamara Lacelle

— Midwife