I am more than an opposite force 
More than a definition of absence 
I am not the negative space left 
    by your expectations 
I am presence. An additive
Even with all these mosaic pieces 
Scattered colours and patterns 
Held together in synergy.  
The piece you see
Are not placed in defiance 
Of you 
     your patterns 
     your palette 

An oeuvre expression 
Of longing to become. 
An emergence beyond 
My childhood factory setting 
Into a unique definition 
Outlined by a knowing 
That is not yours 
But mine.  

I am more than a comfortable landscape 
To hang on your wall 
A bought solace ready 
To comfort you with pleasant 
Unchallenged in your perspective.  
I am no Rorshach 
To project yourself onto  
Nor mirror 
To reflect back 
The form of your preferences

I am an unfinished piece 
As unbound, dynamic 
As the changing seasons 
Pulling crimson fire 
Against alabaster drifts 
Bursting verdant 
From within a cerulean flow. 

I am more 
And less 
Then what you have conceived 
Then what you see 
I am no angel, nor devil 
Rather a complex balance 
Of line, shape, and composition.  
Could you come to appreciate 
Me, even if you don't understand?   

Regardless, I must persist 
In the insistence 
Of this multi-faceted vision 
That continues to reclaim me 
     heal me 
     save me       
     create me

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