Sometimes I think all our technology makes us disconnected rather than connected. We are hyper connected, to the point where people post pictures of what they are eating (which I find disturbing in some unexplainable way) and yet there is an emptiness to it all. To the encasing of our lives in technology such that we are always alone, but never alone. How much of our communication is lost in our endless emails, texts and phone calls, when we receive most of our information about others' non-verbally? Sometimes I feel crushed by the weight of knowing all the mundane details of a twitter feed, but never truly knowing what moves, what wounds, what brings each of these "friends" to their knees. I feel trapped by it, by trying to find something witty, something insightful, but not too heavy or depressing to endlessly post so that I stay 'connected", in the loop. What are we truly connecting to? A world of one line quips meant to convey a sense of familiarity but rarely conveying a sense of deep meaning.

I am lonely today, with my facebook page open and texts still unanswered on my phone. I am lonely on my computer staring at the pages of information that somehow don't speak to me of life, of walking outside to stand beneath the owl's keep and know what it means to be a shaded path and a dancing flake of water gloriously twirling to the ground. Sometimes what I want more than a dialogue of such things, is to take someone's hand, pull them from behind their electronic mask and say nothing while we dance beneath the frosted stars.

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