Indelible: Lyrics

Wind on the ocean,
Heart of the sea
Restless and searching
For shores yet unseen
Infinite waves in
Colliding streams
Pebbles and echoes
Tossed through the years

Indelible dream is your indelible heart
You gave me the tidal, the places between

We are of stardust
Falling through time
Beauty unfolding
In hands intertwined
Spiraling thread
Tendriled and fine
Blossoming doorways
For me to find

Indelible dream of your indelible song
You gave me the twilight, the place I belong
Indelible arc of your indelible eyes
That see through my veils, the places I hide

You trace on my back
Your endless love
Whispers and runes
Alchemy secrets
Cocoons of
Woven wings
Gossamer trust
Made by you

Pressings of sweet words
Cut from the sky
Petals and cloud shapes
Like sweet autumn wine
Days of dreams spinning
Each reverie laid
Held in the binding

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