The sky has been bled of light and lays in dark pools across my window. The thunder rolls under my feet, rumbling from a secret hollow in the clouds. The perfect day to write dark lyrics. And because I often cannot separate lyrics from emotion from my own thoughts, I descend quickly into these lyrics, into the longing that shapes them and try to find the pewter threads to give life to these tumbling thoughts.

What life is life immortal
When years are glancing thoughts
And love is naught but ashes
On graves the past has lost
What terrible gods have we become?
Gone from the mirror
Reflection nothing but shadows of
The tumbling wind
Our crumbling tears 
The dust of my heart

Lonely like a virus
Caught in blood
I just can’t sate
Falling, always falling
From that one
Moment of grace
Oh let me go
Oh let me fall
Oh let me become
The tumbling wind
Your crumpled tears
The dust of your heart.

I’ve lived beyond my measure
To worlds I cannot know
No one should live to see 
Their ideals turned to stone
Please let return
Passion to time
Rosy-lipped day
Fragile desire
If just one moment til
The tumbling wind
Such crumbling tears
Make dust of my heart

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