Fall back

do you ever find that first morning after fall back disconcerting? As though the landscape around had shifted and you had lost something in the translation of time and space? As the sun slid its luminous filter on the night, it was as if I didn’t know this place, this time, how we got to here in this moment. The tracks on the sky garbled, no longer linear, but somehow dichotomous. Time is a construct, a building we hole up in, we build it into something that feels safe, but it is still nothing but something we have made....fallible, breakable, fragile I feel out of place today, twilight caught me off guard, a scrambled signal. I would like to believe there is something beyond the shifting hours, that there is a place for which our minds cannot contain and hold so rigidly. 

I fly to Toronto this week for two concerts I am doing there. I am pretty excited about them, especially because I get to work with some of my favorite artists out East, Frank Horvat and Sharlene Wallace. The shows will be fun, and a perfect transition into the winter season, as we are doing a couple of songs that seem to match the cold stillness outside. 

The first is a house concert hosted by Frank and Lisa Horvat...I have never done a house concert, so this is going to be a whole different experience for me. Tickets are limited and must be purchased in advance...and there are only 7 tickets left, so if you are interested, please email me as soon as possible sora@soramusic.ca

An evening of Song on Toronto's Lakeshore Blvd

Join Sora and her special guests, Sharlene Wallace on harp and Frank Horvat on piano for an enchanting night of song, story and myth.

Tickets are limited and must be purchased in advance.
www.soramusic.ca (click on the store and scroll down to find)

The second is a concert at Gallery 345 with Sharlene Wallace. I cannot think of a more cozy and beautiful afternoon than music and art all mingled together...

A Gallery of Harp and Song

Gallery 345 + Sharlene Wallace + Sora = an intimate afternoon of original and folkloric music, musings and myth. International recording and touring musician, Sharlene, has garnered a reputation for being one of Canada's most versatile harpists while Calgary based singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Sora, has been praised for her soaring voice and unusual lyrical vision. Together, they paint a contemporary musical portrait perfectly suited to Gallery 345.

Tickets are $20; $15 Seniors; $10 Students
info and to reserve tickets: 416-346-6600 / harp@sharlenewallace.com

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