Breathe in. Breathe out.
Breathe in. Breathe out.
The breath as tides
Ebbing, flowing
Rhythms that define
The body's anchored home.

​ Close your eyes. Settle.
Let go the detritus
That clutters the mind
Plugs emotional floodways
Drift into the electro-currents
Of that dark theta flow.

Heart slowing. Beats
Dancing circadian synchronous
With breath waves
In that pulsing lullaby
That sings you downstream
Of consciousness.

Float past the blue delta
Landmarks named
From the sediment of day
Lush growth regenerates
An accretion of healing
Against the forces of decay

​ Empty into that deep
Ocean of dreams
Rapid-eyed sailing
Through emotional roiling
Charting the passage
Through memory and time.

Hush now. Sleep.
These twilight journeys
Unload our diurnal cargo
Unpacking lightly and easily
Until you are an empty vessel
Ready to be filled.

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