I want to reclaim #medusa
To turn the telling of her story
On its serpentine head.

​ Externalize the monster
Draw it out; poison from
A festering collective wound
Left by a god-culture
Intent on subjugation.

To place every slut-shaming
Victim-blaming stone
Where they belong
In a graveyard of petrified beliefs
That no longer serve
Acknowledged even as
They are laid to rest.

I want to reframe, retell
Remember to her,
—to every so-called Medusa—
The strength in survival
The wily adaptations
that transmute trauma
into body-borne wisdom.

​ To bear witness
As each fierce survivor
Sheds their gorgon terror
And rebuilds a new temple
Of resiliency and power
From the rubble of despair.
A story of reclamation.
A process of meaning.

​ To honour and celebrate
The voice finally speaking
Reintegrated and transformed
From the altar of identity.

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