Ode to an early riser

Have you walked on the liminal edge 
Of early morning light? 

Mist cloaking 
The sleepy face of the river 
Before the day pulls 
Aside her white veils? 

Haunting calls 
Of the geese lingering 
Beyond the cattail quietudes 
Of willow-bound solace 

Delighted wonder 
From last night’s rain 
Dripping into the harmonies 
Of the forest floor 

Have you come 
Into the solitude that was always to be your gift 
Dissolving muddy night questions 
Into the liquid alchemy 
Of presence? 

These moments are beyond telling. 

Will you come, asks the river 
Will you meet me 
On the edge of all things 
To become, just for a moment 
Everything and nothing?

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