Keep going. Call us home.

I have been on a journey. Not an external one, but rather navigating through my inner landscapes. I had to put aside music as I worked on my master's degree; one only has so much time and energy. I don't know yet if that was a mistake. It was a wound. One I inflicted willingly to create a better future for myself and my children. Still, a wound that had been bleeding for 6 years. I put so many pieces of myself on the shelf for safe keeping in those years; to the point that I have almost forgotten them. This year I finally had the space, time, energy, and finances to begin to heal it. The reclamation of my creativity has been challenging. I have let these muscles atrophy and have to build up my strength within them again. My gift to myself over the summer, after completing my accreditation exam in psychology was to sign up for the bardic level course from the Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids. It has felt akin to picking up the dusty jar holding all my spiritual longings. I opened it and inhaled the almost-forgotten scent of the wild forest dreams. It has been a homecoming. One that was long overdue, and with that thought that brings with it all the poignant sadness of being away for too long. I have missed so much.  I have been so long gone. As I build this strength, I hear my creative voice whispering in the deep.

Keep going. 

Call us home.

And so I am. I built a drum, and with it recorded this song written so long ago I can't even remember the year.  Keep going.  Call us home. It is on my demos page

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