1. Breathe

From the recording Breathe


Courage my love
Just breathe
You're trembling in my arms
Trust to the ease
And let your light bleed
I will hold it, breathe
We're standing at the threshold of this dream

So I'll trust my heart's song
And I'll trust in your might
And I'll trust in the providence
Of hope, love and life
I'll trust in the worth
Of a story untold
And I'll trust in the strength
Of a heart to let go
Let go
Let go

Is it hurting my love?
To be
In the silence to breathe
Love is never safe
It asks for release
To open the deep
Did this delve too deep?
And wake up all the monsters that you keep?

Will you trust your heart's song?
(I trust in your song)
Will you trust in my might?
(I trust in your might)
Will you trust in the providence
( I trust in the providence)
Of hope, love, and life?
(of life)
Will you trust in the worth
(I trust in your story)
Of a story untold?
Will you trust in the strength of a heart
(I will hold you, I trust your strength)
To let go?
Let go
(Surrender all your pride)
Let go
(Surrender to the flow)
Let go
(Surrender to the heart)
I surrender my heart to let go

Trust to hope
Trust to love
Trust to this uncertain life

Trust to the song
Trust to the might
Trust to the providence
Of courage
My love, to courage
Courage to breathe.