1. Legacy

From the recording Legacy

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Legacy, I give little caring to my own legacy to the dust my bones will leave. What do we leave behind, blood and stone, beyond the moment? The quest for immortality so frantic in some, driving the sticky work for mewling cries of blood, fueling such piercing words as son and daughter, name and honor. I wonder at the futility of it all. Time forgets, how can it recall each grain of sand? Does the earth remember each drop of rain that nourished it? Do the worn grooves of rock remember, or do they just hold the shell of memory, devoid of flesh. Decayed thoughts and deeds, petrified for a time, for a time. Perhaps for some, it remembers, holding back the night with music that echoes into the shadowy realm, but even echoes fade. Yet, a singular word can alter the courses of fate, the proverbial stone on the road. Ripples, vibrations, stardust expanding beyond the reaches of measure. Is this all legacy is, waves cresting, endlessly carrying each moment? Does love twine through the ages, does it hold the sky into the bright flash of oblivion?


The will of a single deed is ripples in time
On a pool, still forest pool
Feeding the leaves still to come
The song of a single voice can touch countless lives
So sing, petalled notes sing
Calling your truth into flight
Love holds the sky
Hope fills the moon
And our roots shelter the seeded dreams
Of our gift, legacy.

The rings of each single life are all intertwined
In links, storm-weather links
Sharing the journeys of man

When memory fades and words decay
Feeling remains
Our ochre hands, a living bridge
Spanning the years
A century, millennia spiraling
Know that your love holds the sky
Hope fills the moon
And our roots shelter the seeds dreams
Of our legacy, of our love
It's the heart, tumbling heart
That is your legacy