1. Twilight

From the recording Heartwood

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Twilight was written as a wedding gift to my brother, Peter and his wife. I have to admit that I am a hopeless romantic, if that isn't completely evident in the song. The beauty inherent in loving another never grows tired or old to me. To love another, to want to share in their life, to be rooted in their memories and experiences is I think one of the most basic of all human desires.

I looked at my own wedding ceremony for some inspiration within this song, which was very natural and organic. And no, it wasn't the `to have and to hold`. To write about love always brings up cliches, it`s impossible to not sound sappy at times, so I just went with the sappiness.
This version of twilight includes a violin pad that forms a rich texture underneath the vocals. The vocal performance is different from the one on `Light`, a more dreamy and ethereal approach to the song." Written in February, 2006


In the twilight between night and day
I can see in your eyes the newborn stars
And I know that I`m loved, I know that I`m loved
For your heart beats in time with mine.

And I can see in your eyes, eternal sunrise
Full of hope, full of love for all of my days
As we stand hand in hand to face the winds of time
I can trust in your love for me

In the dark night when the road, it seems so long
And the moon can`t be seen in the inky black sky
I look to my side, to see your shining light
For I know it will lead my home


To have and to hold in sorrow and joy
A ring of the sun and moon
And I vow to be true for all of my days
To drink of life’s cup with you


In the still morn, when the day engulfs the night
And the white morning star still burns in the sky
I will rise with you love, to face whatever comes
In my heart we are always one