1. The Juniper

From the recording Heartwood

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Winter's sorrows cast such long shadows, the weariness of a grief that you cannot find your way out of. And yet, within the darkness of the howling night there is a point where you lie exhausted within the depth of your sadness and finally lay the seeds of love lost down within the snow to find their way back to spring.

Originally The Juniper had an extra verse where at this point there is only an instrumental section. When Doug and I were first looking at this song, we both agreed that it needed a little bit of space within without the voice. In between the 3rd chorus and 4th chorus seemed to be the best place. What is ironic is that the lyrics we cut were the most evocative of what I was feeling when I wrote this song. The lyrics are included below
Oh the Juniper she's rooted strong
Shelters all in dark earth song.
She holds you tight within her deep,
So weep, just sleep.

This version of the Juniper is slightly different than the one that appears on the EP `Light`. The vocals are resung and represent a more relaxed approach to the vocal performance. Background vocals were also added at the end of a very long and vocally taxing recording session. I am very pleased with how it all turned out, and feel that this version brings the song to a new hopefulness.
Written in September of 2006


When the west winds blow
You know, you just know
That winters a`coming
And with it snow

Oh the Juniper she stands alone
Through cold Decembers howling moans
So lay your sorrows down to seed
And grieve, just breathe

When the trees are bare
And the heart it despairs
As winter, it`s here now
And you’re not prepared

Oh the Juniper she bears the thorn
Gentle `gainst the coming storm
She stands amidst the raging sky
So sigh, just cry

When the darkness comes
You want to succumb
As winters` unending
Sun can’t be found

Oh the Juniper she’s rooted strong
Shelters all in dark earth song
She holds you tight within her deep
So weep, just sleep

When the storm is through
What`s left to rue
As winters` releasing
Time to renew

Oh the Juniper she stands so fair
Needled crown within her hair
So, lay your seed, release your pain
Spring comes again