My love, you are my home 
Key fitted perfectly 
to unlock 
the safety of belonging 

You are my home 
Enfolding space I come 
to disrobe myself 
of pretense 
of emotional distance 
of defense 
to stand in the smallness 
of my vulnerability 

You are my home 
Sturdy shelter crafted 
by a language of trust 
that sees 
that hears 
that breathes 
my story back into my compass song 
when I am lost 

You are my home 
Place of returning 
a constancy that holds 
against circumstance 
against time 
against attrition 
against the wounds the world cuts 
upon my fragile skin 

My love, you are home 
so know 
no matter how far 
the footfalls of day lead 
I will always return 
to the warm hearth 
of your heart home.

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