What did you expect?
I loom large in your story
because you cast me
as the #villain
so much imagined
power wielded
by the empty-shelled me
you forged in the fires of
your insecurity
your failure.

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all the screened words
in the world
cannot speak
the poetry of
skin on skin

in my hunger
i consume
the emptiness of
letters and consonants
gorging on
the poverty of air

only touch
the limbic language
of connection
will…Read more


The days rush me
in a disorienting cadence
frenzied #music
dancing within my mind
incongruent steps
plucked vibrating
in erratic rhythm
from each emotional string
#discordant swells climax
held #feverpitch
while I wait, #anxious
for the sweet release
of resolution…Read more

Night drift

night descends 
dark stripping 
innuendos of day 
revealing debris 
of every little #hurt 

I try to float 
on the eventide 
churning still 
until the small voice 
of my son finds me 

together we 
lash our solitudes 
hands fastened 
and drift…

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the residue remains 
gunshot particles of 
every word wound 
and relational bullet 
taken and given 
in time's magazine 
of pastlove 
i want to wash it 
from the recoiled beats 
of your bruised heart 
wipe you clean 
even as i know …

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Me Too

#metoo you whisper
from beneath the
crushing weight of
a mythos constructed
from the storm god
privilege of bad behaviour.
you are so much more
than the names
called behind
safe white pages
of male history
more than your empty…Read more

Pineapple Weed

The call comes in
innocuous, easy
your voice
a counted breath
a knotted beat
a sweetness
not unlike
the tender waft
of pineapple weed
sighing released
from beneath
uplifted steps


Blood of the Covenant

She isn't blood
but comes
when I call
panic opening black
wings in lungs.
She listens
hears the tight underneath
as I choke on the
loosened debris
of feathers past.
She comes
breathing air into my
squeezed heart
We are…Read more


I miss sleeping next to you
The soft whir of our space
humming under my skin
it was asked if it mattered
unconscious together
It matters,
in the deep marrow
of dream breathing
in the animal longing
whimpered and answered…Read more

Trust, She Says

This is who you are
she says
this space
of sacred beauty
this ocean
of moving moments
a sigh deeply knowing
from subtle
ways of being

trust, she says, trust
you don't have to try

i smile, quiet
within the…Read more


Take my hand love 
take it and hold tight 
for we are both here 
cornered by the snarling rage 
that is your depression 
Take my hand 
and let the subtle pressure 
of my squeezing presence 
be enough 
to know I…

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My love, you are my home 
Key fitted perfectly 
to unlock 
the safety of belonging 

You are my home 
Enfolding space I come 
to disrobe myself 
of pretense 
of emotional distance 
of defense 
to stand in the smallness 
of my…

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