In the midst of the crushing
my mother love turns inwards
soft edges of hard truths

She says:
my fierce wild one
your determination is
tautly built bridges
of traversed hardship
Strong grip 
tempered mettle

Your determination is not…


Oathbound - Prose

The wind is singing in the trees, the night swollen with untamed mystery.  Every moment with you has a timeless quality, as though I were searing them each in real time into the storied memory of my deeper self.  The…


Minutia of Day

During the long days orphaned thoughts float through currents of mind unanchored unwritten unsaid.  I want to write beautiful words to you to paint the colour of my desire; the depth of my love.  I want to be the reason…


If love is stripped in layers

peeled in tiny ribbons  of shredded dismissal from the casing  of hearts home If love flakes away in such small increments dismantled by time and neglect until it is nothing but the dusty artifact …

Sacral Calling - Prose

The imprint of your fingers is on my skin, last night lingering like a thin meniscus held in place by the subtle tension of my longing for you.  Your words tell me you want me, love me, desire me.  Your…


You fit so easily
into the minutia of my life
As though you had always been
hidden within the colourful threads
of my woven life.

This is how you come to me
sparkle of silver within<BR< an already full life. 


Unfurling - Prose

I wanted to tell you I love you within the first days.  I didn't, holding back, afraid to rip the delicate tissue of our still merging filaments.  Each night as the elixir of your voice-- sweet as harvest wine--filled me…



conjoined tidal song
resonating from within
the deep waters of time

Yawning ebb,
yearning flow
between the life-shores
of our liquid connection 

To me,
you shimmer
the goddess held magic
of dancing waves 

Sun glitter
within swirling patterns…



we lay fallow in each other’s arms
dreaming beneath the cocoon weight
of the people we were 
within the people we were with 
we lay fallow 
having seasoned the harrowing
of past love
fallow within the dormant scaffolding
of resurrection



for a moment I remembered
a different you 
than my storied perspective 
of a shared past

I remembered
and all the wounds
of youthful indifference
into the fortitude of your lean body
so beautiful in the moonlight
it hurt…



She tended you like a garden in the desert

Roots searching beneath sand and time
for the long drink called love
always just beyond
cracked plains of an arid heart

You were so thirsty, ill equipped to
persevere through yearning…



There is silence in the cracking of things unseen
In the disintegrating threads of the memory of love
There are some words that cannot be spoken,
That cannot be given shape within the edges of consonants
Thoughts drifting like lost…