You come to me 
with tears in your heart 
holes and rips in the shape 
of all the orphaned stories 
that are lost to you 
a song that is scratched 
in a skipping loop 
jumbled poetics 
searching for their meaning 

Your eyes ask 
if I can sit in suffering 
not just any suffering 
your suffering 
your personal battle wounds 
raw and bleeding 
if I can hear your pain 
without flinching 
without running 
if your despair 
is as safe with me 
as your joy 

you say you feel small 
unworthy of your own integrity 
of your shine 

my dear one, I see you 
in all your disjoint beauty 
in all the ways your pieces fit 
even the ones that have not yet 
found their way home 
You are so much more 
than a catalog of experiences 
You are a piece of art 
as complex as you are moving 
unique and powerful 
in the courage 
of your vulnerability 

I will sit with you 
as you heal from within 
for I am not an answer 
but a bound space 
holding your unsafe truths secure 
I am not an answer 
but a question 
patiently opening your locked doors 
I am not an answer 
but a mirror 
reflecting your story, witnessing your pain 
I am not an end, merely the means 
With eyes that see you 
With ears that hear you 
With a heart that weaves 
all your wayward pieces 
into a cohesive whole. 


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