Alpha Omega

It begins and ends with you
This feeling
Thirsty desire met matched
Drunk with eyes
Crashing through time
Holding space taut
that I might fall
Damply endless
Mirrored in the shape of
your lips
Softly creating my name

It begins and ends as light
This collusion
Fitful coursing veins
waves, particles
things that are and not
Colliding to colour saturated
Tears of relief
In knowledge of polarity
Bonding open edged against
your heart
Curved pulses of pure gravity

It begins and ends
And thus never begins
And never ends
Though I remember red
As our beginning
In truth, we never began
Rather became
And when these star-dust bodies
Collapse as dying suns
The black hole weight of my love
Is only a universe created

Beginning and ending
Alpha Omega

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