Absolute Love

Your love was an absolute
Which should have been a comfort
But wasn't
Steel-edged, held to a law
All onto yourself
While I messily drew
Equations out of quicksand

It should have meant freedom
Instead it was a trap
Each word carefully placed
Within the rigid confines
Of Ockham's explanations

You quantified, measured
With a hard held ruler
Units of supremacy
And said
"I love you more than you love me"
As though a heart
Could be weighed and found lacking

I never wanted a defense
Against the fortitude
Of your gaming belief
That each logged action
Priced word
Was a point won or lost
Within the culmination
Of love's adversary

Because your love was a line
Met or crossed
But never a circle closing
Around understanding
Around forgiveness
Around the infinite
Varieties of self in other

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