The nothing that is something

I sit in all the quietudes of a day that offered me small pristine perfections.  The snow is a morphing weave that herringbones the sky and spring is nothing more than the white of pussy willows against a down filled…


Video Blog: Hero

Heroes.  Villains.  White. Black.  Somehow I live more comfortably in the shades of grey between


Lyrics: Ghostlines

These ghostlines leading nowhere
To the static in my head
Ghostlines, a fading heat sign
To a heart bled away
Oh I tried to become someone
Who didn't need to cry
Now I'm drowning in these unseen tears
Shed by…

Moons and Scorpions

The sun was a perfect yolk in a deadpan sky this morning, as though offering nothing but itself to the machinations of day. No triumphal pomp of fanfare clouds, nor the confetti of sprinkled light, just the solidarity of what…


musings on a grey morning

i draw open the curtains to be softly assimilated by light that is not of morning but that rather speaks of transcendent veils of mystery. Veils of light, veils of impermanent place, veils of time and memory which form mysteries…


Hold: A video blog

Loving someone when they are happy is easy, it's standing in the darkness that is the true test of love's reach. Happy Valentine's day my lovelies. I hope you each have someone, not necessarily romantic, but someone who will stand…


Hiraeth Home Spun Video

Hiraeth, a Welsh word, has no true English equivalent. Perhaps the closest is homesickness or nostalgia. There is a saying "you can never go home" and I think perhaps that is a good approximation of Hiraeth. Home can be a…


Living & Dying

I was asked to write a guest blog for the Songwriter's Association of Canada.  The blog can be found here and my article is below...

Creation is an act of continual death and rebirth.  Songwriters are quick to talk about…


Piper: A video Blog

It is a cold and dreary January day.  The kind where the sun seems to simply slide across the horizon, not even making the effort to properly rise or dress itself in glorious rays.  The winter blahs could so easily…


Proof of Life: A Video Blog

The end of a year and the beginning of a new one.  The double edged sword of change; loss of the old, anticipation of the new.  I have a lot of rebirths in store for me, which means I have…