There are choices I have made that even years later weigh heavily upon me.  I consider that weight to be a good indication of growth, reflection and a tenacious commitment to truth and integrity.  My reflections and writings are a…

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Let you go

When the silences
Of expectations
Leave the dusty echo
Of words unspoken

When the aching puzzle
You’ve left is broken
And the gaping sound of it
Cracks me open

Still I can’t let you go
Every paper thin note of…

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Lengthening of Shadows

I walk in the lengthening of shadows.  The sun lays on a horizontal plane, illuminating singular grasses and berries amidst the snow as though to highlight the last dreaming vestiges of summer.  It is starkly beautiful, with virtues of resilience…

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Endings and Beginnings

As many of your know, the last 3 years for me have been largely consumed by the process of separation and divorce.  It has been a journey that has been painful and conflict-ridden and yet ripe with opportunities for growth…

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A video of a song I wrote a couple of years ago about Sulis, the goddess of the hot springs in Bath, England. I had always wanted to write an unaccompanied song and after visiting the hot springs at Bath…

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March rides in on winter's roar.  Though the sun's light is mellow against the edges of the horizon, the wind has teeth, sharpened by the unseen snow in the air.  I however, am snuggled warm on my couch, with the…

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A New Year tiptoes in upon cascading snow drifts leaving nothing to mark the passage but a whitewash of the year before.  I have never been one to create resolutions, it always felt a bit contrived to me, but somehow…

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Time stood still in our breaking
Shards of shattered will
In our breaking all was still
So still

In the silence of complacent years
Lays the carnage of winter tears
In the silence of these cares
Turned to fears


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CFMA Interview

An interview I did in November of 2013 regarding my nomination for a Canadian Folk Music Award for my 2013 album "Scorpion Moon".  




Overflowing with the abundance of my life today, so I put together a simple raw demo of a new song "Selkie".  Just gifting abundance back into the universe ~smile~  

After the Rain

After the rain
I chase storm shadows
as though in the leaf litter
of fallen words -- of fallen tears
I could recreate
the canopy of yesterday

Words are not leaves
though they loosen themselves
easily enough in the tempest…

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Christmas Eve

Well, it is Christmas Eve, and we are almost upon the cusp of a new year.  The darkest night has come and gone, the tangible presence of a year in passage.    At this time last year, my CD was in…

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