Christmas Eve

Well, it is Christmas Eve, and we are almost upon the cusp of a new year.  The darkest night has come and gone, the tangible presence of a year in passage.    At this time last year, my CD was in…



There were rules, hard edges to cut my words upon. Times to love and times to cry: but what of the tears that run liquid beneath my wanton desire? What place for thoughts that bleed across the lines of timely…



It is with great gratitude that I announce that I was nominated for a Canadian Folk Music Award in the category of Solo World Artist.  It is a quiet sort of victory, being acknowledged for an album that represents a…

Blowing into autumn

I am entranced by the trees on my street, the way every quivering leaf seems to have shed the illusions of summer only to reveal the veined light within.  I had forgotten how much I love to live on a…


Story Teller

Transcript from the Astreaux World Interview:

I see myself as a teller of stories. The notes I sing, the words I write, these are mediums through which narratives breathe into life, a platform to examine the personal and archetypal…


Forest Temple

It has been a privilege to lend my voice to this collaborative project between Danish composer Nicky Bendix and visual artist Tone Aanderaa

"FOREST TEMPLE" - music installation.
Recorded and composed for the international outdoor exhibition Art Sanctuary, opening june…


Song for a wayward lover

The air is heavy with the weight of infinite worlds colliding; dreamt into being by the hushed minds of a world sleeping.  Light dissipates along its pooled edges, dissolving as luminous mist into the hungry night.  I search for words…



They say good fences make good neighbors, but if the fence is the dividing line between stories, between perspectives, between the space we could inhabit together but instead command separately apart and alone, how do they make for good relationships…



It is late, my laptop says 1:50 am, but that is slightly misrepresented as I am in BC and there is an extra hour to content with.  Still, the night has long since entered my room, and I can feel…



In the land of the dying sun
The girl, she stands
On the plains of her bloodless heart
She has come undone
The tattered sum
Of this star-dust love

Let away be thy name
Cross the sea, carried
By the…



You say you are oddly broken, as though your symmetry had become offset, beauty marred by the cracked lines of a mirror.  There is too much placidity in the unmarked surface of a fluid soul; too much that sleeps, never…