The nothing that is something

I sit in all the quietudes of a day that offered me small pristine perfections.  The snow is a morphing weave that herringbones the sky and spring is nothing more than the white of pussy willows against a down filled horizon.  I love days like this,  that float upon the whims of a tempestuous sky;  that are defined less by our constant desire to call time to heel, and more by an unrelenting sense of falling, of relinquishing to letting the world turn me for a change.  

On my lunch break today I did nothing.  Which was rather something.  Rather than check email, respond to queries and busy myself with the art of becoming, instead I was.  I let myself be good enough, be content with the infinity of the moment.  Arvo Part's "Spiegel em Spiegel" was playing on the radio, I had a cup of perfectly steeped green tea, smiling with the coy tinges of honey, and I stood still and watched the snow fall on trees, on the fallow ground.  That is how I feel these days, fallow.  Resting cognisant before the inevitable cycle of growth and creation.  

We are so busy becoming, we forget that we already are.  We are so busy pursuing the kite tails of the next success, it's easy to forget that expansion is always a result of subtle periods of inert settling.  Today I was fallow.  I didn't write music, I didn't practice, I didn't pursue gigs. When I played, it was only because the feeling of the soft air around me shyly requested a companion.  I played the sound of silence, the feeling of fat snowflakes lazily spiraling towards their heaping demise.   I played the sorrows that stream from my wrung out heart.  I was.  Simple and pure.  

I am slowly amassing some beautiful reviews for "Scorpion Moon".  They can all be found in the reviews section of the website, but I am putting some of my favorite quotes below...

"...Sora’s music is well worth checking out. It is always a pleasure to find a new, exciting, worthy musical talent out there...sort of a dream come true."  - HarmonyCentral

"Over and over, in each song Sora displays an unparalleled talent for storytelling"  - Ponoka News

"Highly recommended, especially for connoisseurs of unique and original musical treasures"  - Midwest Book Review

"A beautiful mesmeric album created from ancient and modern influences woven into a unique musical tapestry which reaches deep within to times before memory and perhaps times still yet unknown."  - BlueWolf Reviews

"Don't approach this CD carelessly, don't take the spacily Byzantine beauty for only that, or you'll miss a lot."   - Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange

Thank-you to all who are listening and writing such beautiful words about my album.  xx

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