A video of a song I wrote a couple of years ago about Sulis, the goddess of the hot springs in Bath, England. I had always wanted to write an unaccompanied song and after visiting the hot springs at Bath I felt the still and sacred energy of Sulis was perfect for the beauty of just the human voice. The vocals are just a demo I did at home.

Sulis is the goddess of the hot springs located in Bath, England. Her worship predates the Romans in the British Isles. When the Romans arrived, they asked who the goddess of that place was, and were answered with "Sulis". They asked what she was like and the native people explained that she was wise. The Romans thus compared Sulis to their goddess of wisdom, Minerva and so Sulis became "Sulis-Minerva" forever watching over the thermal springs at Bath (called Aqua Sulis by the Romans).

The artwork is by an amazing artist, Liba Labik (, who also happens to be a good friend. Enjoy!

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