Proof of Life: A Video Blog

The end of a year and the beginning of a new one.  The double edged sword of change; loss of the old, anticipation of the new.  I have a lot of rebirths in store for me, which means I have had a lot to grieve for in 2012.  The latter part of this year has presented me some terrible losses, and so I am eagerly anticipating the beginning of 2013.  My CD is being released in just a couple of weeks and I have been holding it as the avatar of hope for my new beginning.  With that in mind, it feels poignant to offer you this video blog describing the genesis of the song "Proof of Life", included on the new CD.  View it below or see a larger version on youtube.  It's easy to let other people determine our worth, much harder to discern it from within.  My love makes me real.  

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