Moons and Scorpions

The sun was a perfect yolk in a deadpan sky this morning, as though offering nothing but itself to the machinations of day. No triumphal pomp of fanfare clouds, nor the confetti of sprinkled light, just the solidarity of what is routine, and what is extraordinary.  There was clarity to be found in the simplicity of it all and I turn with fresh face, ready to transition between all the cycling processes that encase me these days.  

The only constant for me these days is change.  Each day requires me to strip off of the cocoon of the day before, to become something new, over and over again.   I have lost, in the last 5 months, relationships that were preciously nourishing to me.  More than two, but two in particular.  It has been devastating.   At times I feel as though I am winter itself, held frozen by the whims of time.  Held frozen but required to morph into the dictates of a world changed around me.  Yes, change is my companion these days.  

Tonight, I am taking in the moment.  Standing still for a second to revel in the celebration of my newest album, Scorpion Moon. Rather than hog all the limelight myself, I decided to have, what for me is a true celebration, and invited some of my favorite collaborative artists to join me in a world musical extravaganza.  Yes extravaganza!  The concert features performances by myself, singer/songwriter Vanessa Cardui, jazz/fusion violinist Karen Sim, world percussionist Trudy Hipwell, guitarist Aaron Young and spoken word artist Erin Dingle.   Erin, in addition to adding her witty poems to this night, is going to hula hoop to the drum solos!  How fun is that?  

Scorpion Moon Release Concert
National Music Center (134 11th Ave SE)
February 28th, 8 pm
$20 at door | 1 ticket + CD $35 in advance | 2 tickets + CD $45 in advance

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