There is knowing. In you, in me. In the spaces unformed yet between breaths, beats, thoughts, feelings. Sometimes we are sparked by the smallest seemingly inconsequential thing, other times we spark in others. This week I have experienced both. I am reminded over and over again that we cannot truly know our own power, our own legacies. These are ripples that spread out into the vast sea of interconnections, the lightning of neural firings moving quickly and quietly out into the world. I hope that if you feel small and hopeless, that some part of your knowing recognizes your node within the web. You matter. What you do matters. It isn't always seeable, knowable. Think of all the little things others have done that changed you, moved you, guided you, even if they had no idea. You have done this for someone else. You have been their light in the dark, their spark. Keep your brave hearts going dear ones. Your light matters.

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