It's Spring!

It's spring! Or is it? Snowing this morning in Calgary and the grey sky was only banished for one day before coming back with a vengence. Isn't that why people live in calgary...for all the sunny days? The ground is soggy soggy soggy and walking on the grass is squishy beneath my feet. Last night the rain fell down to the ground and its soft whispers were welcome music to my ears. Still, I think that I have had quite enough of the grey. There is only SO much grey I can take before my mood starts to take a serious dive.

The first sign of spring has always been those first little shoots of crocus that come up amidst the flattened grasses of the prairies. I walked by some fuzzy ones yesterday and was absolutely delighted to see that they were just about to flower. Soon all those brown grasses will be hidden behind the unassuming purple crocus flowers peeking out from their winter slumber. I have been looking every single day for that welcome sight, to assure myself that, yes, spring has come at last.

Yes, the spring equinox has come and gone, and so technically we are in spring. The ice is breaking and the rain has come. My pussy willow has soft catkins that I can't resist rubbing against my face, as if I were a child. I remember walking down the block each spring to the house with the pussy willows, looking around slyly (as my mother told me not to pick flowers in other people's yards..something that I did quite often) and then gently plucking off one of those grey little pussies to rub in my hand as I walked home. Now I have my own pussy willow and don't have to covertly steal one from the neighbor yards and my daughters love to hold those little beauties in their hands and rub them. How everything comes full circle.

Spring is creeping up this year, not coming in with a bang, but little by little moving into winter's abode until one day you look outside and realize that winter has left and spring has arrived. I often feel these days as if I am in the waiting place, where I am almost imobolized waiting for this or for that. It is an uncomfortable place for me as I have difficulty standing still when I just want to run. The warm winds seem to whisper 'it will come, be patient' but patience is not really one of my virtues. I have never really been very fond of astrology, but even I must admit to that my zodiac Aries fits me very well. Impatient, creative, dynamic, impulsive. Yes these are me. I do have peaceful parts as well, but on days when the wind is coming off the mountain fresh and new, I long to just run and move, physically, emotionally...spiritually.

I am ready to see the sun, to bask in it's lovely warmth. To see it's gentle hands caress the buds open and unfurl the leaves. Patience calls the wind...patience. All I have to say is "who has time for patience?" ~smile~

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