Heavily Falling Night

The days feel harried lately, the sun chasing me into the afternoon, a race against it's lateral descent. The solstice presses upon me, the sun barely above the horizon, wearily raising it's head for what feels like moments before laying it down again, with naught but a sigh, within the cradle of winter again. How the very presence of it's being shapes my concept of the day's time. When at barely past noon the shadows of night are creeping and I feel as if I am rushing, rushing headlong into the darkness. With time nipping at my heels, my heart racing into the spiral descent of light. Yet, there is that moment, when the sun has simply bled out of the sky when the breath floods out of my body and I open my night eyes in wonder. There is that moment when peace trickles through the heavily falling shades night. Feels precious, fragile and comforting.

I am very stoked that I received some new pendants colours. I am really excited about them. I am working on adding them to the shopping cart, but can't wait any longer to release their beauty to the world :)

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