Blowing into autumn

I am entranced by the trees on my street, the way every quivering leaf seems to have shed the illusions of summer only to reveal the veined light within.  I had forgotten how much I love to live on a street shadowed by rows of towering trees, and my gratitude for such remembrance is a welling wave that carries me into each day with cresting happiness.  Truly I am satisfied with such small gifts.  Light and leaves, wind and water.  

The autumnal equinox has come and gone, the equal arms of a seasonal cross that spread out to remind me of another year passing.  It was almost a year ago that I was in Toronto recording my album, almost a year ago that the unraveling threads of my life were pulled tangled to lay in heaps at my feet.  So to walk beneath trees I couldn't have even dreamed would guard my pensive steps is a reminder of beauty, of the continuance of the heart of the universe.    

The leaves bring me to thoughts of decay and renewal, such overwhelming beauty is found in the flare of autumn, in what is fundamentally a loss.  It feels poignant as I sit and watch the wind dance with the trees.  

The wind was less poignant yesterday as I sang at the Harvest Festival hosted by the city of Calgary at Ralph Klein Park.  I was joined by Aaron Young, who is a spectacular guitarist.  The sun was beaming down (so much so I came home with a ridiculously red sunburn on my back), and it seemed the perfect way to welcome autumn.  Until of course the wind picked up and teased Aaron relentlessly by playing a game of keep away with his chord charts, muffling me by blowing hair into my mouth ~laugh~, even going so far as knocking down music stands!  Yes it was the kind of gig that keeps you on your toes offering some interesting variations on chords.  Nothing like a little improvised music!    Aaron also told me that a bug flew in his ear while he was playing!  Playing while you have a bug in your ear.   That is dedication.  Yes outdoor concerts:  never a dull moment and a true test of a musician's ability to go with the flow ~laugh~  Still, the music was sweet and clear in the warm air, and a number of listeners sat eyes closed, while sound and light washed over them.  Wonderful!  While I sang, a good friend and spectacular visual artist, Liba Labik was creating a beautiful whimsical work.  It's not finished yet, as a 2 hour concert didn't quite allow for all the layers Liba wanted to create, but it's off to a good start as you can see below!

~happy sigh~  I love it!  It should be finished within the week and will be displayed at the Calgary School of Art in SE Calgary. 

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