Wings definitely in flight

Yesterday was such a beautiful day. I am humbled by the media coverage and most of all, Cindy was completely surprised and so thrilled to finally be recording our song!

If you are interested in seeing the media coverage check out The Calgary Herald and CTV 

I have received a couple of emails asking when the song will be available to listen to as one of the articles mentioned it would be on my site. I must say, that was fabulously optimistic of them ~laugh~. Yes we were in the studio yesterday, and yes all the tracks were recorded, but it all needs to be mixed and mastered, plus we need to do all the artwork for it. I anticipate it being out before Christmas. I know, I know, SO LONG! Never fear though, for I will be updating regularly and add some pictures and video along the way. To keep up to date on the progress, I would love to have you on my mailing list. To join either visit my website (or if you are already there, there is a form on the right hand side) or send me an email 

More pictures are posted on my facebook page

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