Water brings Self-Connection and Art....

As the cold settles like a knowing dream, I sit inside with my tea and watch the world still outside my window. Even the plumes of smoke from the chimneys seems to hover in the air, frigidly held in a kind of stasis. Every year there are at least a few days that are so cold, one can barely contemplate leaving the house and every year they are in January. It seems a bit contrary to me, for the longest night has passed and we are slowly clawing our way back to the light. Why January is the coldest of all months, not December, seems a mystery to me. I will say this....I am dreading getting gas in my car today ~laugh~ 

Yesterday I braved the winter air to head down to Self Connection Books in Calgary who agreed to take my CD...huzzah! They can be found at the following address.
Self Connection
#125, 4611 Bowness Road NW
Calgary, Alberta

I am very pleased to be collaborating with visual artist, Liba Labik for some new postcards. I am passionate about art, about all the arts. I feel that they are vitally important to the well being to us as individuals and for the well being of our culture. It distresses me greatly that of all the professions, artistic endeavors are often relegated to fancy and folly and are paid accordingly. To me, art is the lifeblood of a culture, it is a mirror of sorts, reflecting truthfully, but it also fosters the evolution of thought and emotion as human beings. I believe everyone should have at least some original artwork in their personal space, something of beauty to interact with. Saying all that, it has always been my goal to collaborate with artists of various mediums, to help showcase when I can and to evolve as an artist through meaningful interactions. It gives me special pleasure when I can work with local artists, and over the years I have talked to many artists whose work has moved me, hoping to use images on the postcards I communicate with, usually my requests are met with enthusiasm, but when it comes down to the nitty gritty, it all dissolves. So I am delighted to have been in contact with Liba and to have her overwhelmingly positive response. The postcards are never for sale.....but I do use them for personal communication. I hope you will check out her website www.libalabikart.com.

Stay warm!

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