Tour Date: Vancouver

Vancouver has always seemed to be a laid back city to me. The way the mist lazily clings to the mountains on cool days, even the way the sun comes out on hot ones, sauntering slowly over the horizon, light brimming from all the edges. I have always liked Vancouver, the lush green of trees perpetually with leaf, the way it sits companionably on the ocean as though the two were best friends, comfortable with all the idiosyncracities of each other. The heat of the day is softly finding it's way around me, a greeting on my skin and I feel so pleased to be here. Tonight I will be singing on a floating house. Not a houseboat, there is no boat in the equation, it is a floating house on the banks of the river pouring out to the sea. How fun is that? I am immensely excited to be singing there and can't wait to step onto a structure that moves with the whims of water. It seems a perfect place to sing, and I look forward to feeling the small movements beneath me as the waves of air form themselves into worded notes. There are still tickets available. Tickets are $15. To purchase tickets please click on link There is a softness to the time just before a concert, a loose anticipation that hovers on the edges of thought, and I feel relaxed and peaceful while the minutes tick by without needing to be filled endlessly with action and doing. BC is truly beautiful, with scenery that seems almost impossible, there is so much beauty teeming within it.



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