The Mask and the Muse

Summer lingers into September, like a heady perfume in a darkened room. I stand on the edge of autumn and will the wind to grasp any small languid strand of hair, to move me into the ochre dreams of falling leaves. There is only stillness though, the scent of sun on the dying grasses. The days are as honey, sweet and sticky and though there is a contentment to this soft interlude I am deeply looking forward to the chill of snow in the air, the colour of unmasked leaves tumbling towards their inevitable end, the feeling of wool on my skin as I guard against the biting wind. 

It seems almost impossible to practice when all is held in stasis by the heat. Still, it is required as the days count down to a concert I am very excited about, called The Mask and the Muse

There is a deep delight to me in working towards such a whimsical and beautifully themed concert. I have always been fascinated by the concept of the Muses, these graceful goddesses who pull the threads of inspiration within our fragile psyches. I like the notion of a guardian of sorts for the creative spark. Inspiration is so ephereal at times, I like to think that should I be too slow with my pen that there is some kind of divine energy holding it safe, cradling it to be found anew, again. There was great pleasure to be found in matching songs to each of the 9 Greek Muses, to bring them into a contemporary framework. In the case of Thalia, the muse of laughter and joy, I ended up having to write something as I had nothing to fit within such an archetype. Of course it doesn't hurt to be collaborating with two of my favorite people, Erin Dingle and Catherine Gell. Erin writes edgy, bold narratives and poems and her performances are infused with this incredibly electrifying passion and delightful witticism. Catherine has the voice of an angel, so emotive and softly edged. Both are exceptionally talented and together there is a dynamic energy that is infusing each rehearsed note and word. So if you fancy a night of song, spoken word and dance all viewed through the eyes of the Muses, this is the concert for you. 

Venue: Arrata Opera Centre
Address1315 - 7 Street SW 
Date October 2, 2011 - 7 pm
Tickets$15 in advance/$20 at door

To purchase tickets simply email me or go to the 'Store' on my website.

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