The ides of March

The ides of March have come and passed, and it is as spring in the West. This morning the fog rolled off the river in great heaving sheets and when I looked towards the city, it hovered above, as though carried on nothing more than clouds. Now the sun has burned away the misted memories of the silent river and the sky is a pale warrior, defending the light against the clouds that ravaged all week. There is a feeling of gratitude as I turn my face to the strengthening warmth, a feeling of being present in the turning of the seasons. 

The winter dreams are seeded in notes and words thrown as lyrics that I must now take back into myself, to learn, to memorize, to known so thoroughly it is as knowing my own skin. Such is practicing, finding my way into the music that found it's way out of me. I am focused on this concert series that fuses spoken word and song, it feels so full of possibility. Catherine Gell and I are providing the song and Erin Dingle is performing all the spoken word, and in some ways it feels as if the two very separate mediums, spoken word and music, compliment each other, providing just the right amount difference, just the right amount of symmetry to provide an experience in which the whole is truly greater than the sum of it's parts. The concert is called Twisted Fables & Woven Worlds and as my fingers learn their way into the songs I feel this tinge of excitement spread through me, it is going to be fabulous ~smile~ Tickets are already available and can be purchased here. And just to be (hopefully) enticing and perhaps a tiny bit mysterious ~wink~, below is a video from the first song of our last concert in this same series of concerts. 

I have a song in my mind, that is fluttering on the edge of being something. I have had the great pleasure and privilege in the last few months to be working very closely and personally with some educational hawks at the Calgary Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. I am left with a questing need to find my way into some of the stories of these inspiring animals, to find my way into a world taken away, and a world given. I am left with an overpowering desire to clothe in song the sometimes hard decisions, to understand the value of quality vrs quantity of life and to give my voice to the struggles of these magnificent creatures. So I write and let my mind wander the wind currents as though I could also fly.

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