Summer is books, is dreaming, is a new album!

June is already halfway over and I am still settling into it. The rain breaks the days into pockets of cool and warm such that I am constantly putting on and taking off my sweater. I like the fluidity of it all, the way it is the feeling of each moment that reigns rather than complacently moving through the constant of predictability. Often I find myself caught in the clouds, in morphing shapes and undulating thoughts. How easy it is to be moved, as a leaf on a stream, called by currents of veining imagination. 

It has seemed as though my words have been sparse, though perhaps rather they are just as plentiful, but turned inwards, sewed into the seams of my quietude. Writing a blog is so insular, it is freeing, because my audience is blurred, out of focus and beyond. I am writing because I am compelled to write. By the same process it is solitary, the readers outside of my vision, unheard as I release my held words into an echoing and sometimes muted space. 

With summer rushing quickly along the piqued turning of the earth, I eagerly look forward to reading. It is a leftover from childhood, an intense bursting desire to do nothing but read as the heat shimmers on the land. Every summer my brothers and I would take out hundreds of books from the library and live in them. To me, summer is not summer without books. In some ways, words to me are air, I devour them hungrily and without remorse, I desire them with every cell of my being, and am beholden to their wonder. Some books transport me such that I literally cannot put them down and will just read for hours, days straight. They will consume me, use me up and I cannot get enough of it. And when such books come to their inevitable end, I mourn them. I grieve that they are over, that I must pull myself from their world, unpeel myself from their fleshy walls. 

This is random snapshot of my coffee table from just a moment ago and almost perfectly encapsulates my life, my musings, my process. The stacks of books, some of them read, some half read, some waiting to be read, the concert poster, a journal with random snippets of lyrics, phone numbers, venue information and musings. ~smile~ 

I have been doing a few updates on my website, adding some pictures to the "Inspiration" subheading of the Photos section as well as adding a few pictures from my most recent concert "Twisted Fables & Woven World". I would love for you to check them out! I added one of them below ~smile~ This one was taken by the keen eye of Keven Fedirko. He always seems to be able to capture someone's personality so well, the truth behind the mask. 

Finally I have to pull myself out of this reverie to exclaim to the world that I am recording a new album! A NEW ALBUM! Hallelujah! I am so very excited about it and am dying to get started on song picking. It feels like I have just opened up a room for this album and it is being flooded already with beautiful ideas. I will keep posting about it as I have news to tell, but for now...a new album! EEEE! 

I am contemplating a globally internety broadcasted showcase concert of the album when it is completed. The equivalent of an international CD release party. I will need some people to help me with this, in a number of different locations and if would love to hear your input....


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