Spring! April Concert

April eases in, as soft as downy moonlight. One day it is winter and then the next I can hear the tumbling sound of water pressing outwards. The change is seamless, but somehow I always feel startled when I choose a jean jacket instead of a wool one. There is magic in the spring, something so profoundly moving as the snow melts to reveal grasses already sprouting from autumn's demise. I saw the first robin a week or so ago, and it's song was as if spring were at that moment unfolding from it's red breast. April feels blurred to me, as if the edges of it were water, uncontained by it's 30 days. It is both end and beginning. 

It feels a good month to have a concert, which I am, with two other singers, Vanessa Cardui and Linda Faye Miller. We are also joined by the voice talents of Catherine Gell who will be reading poetry and verse between songs. It is at times, difficult to sum up such music, even my own I find hard to categorize. The title, though, truly states what it is: 
Fates: Song, Story and Myth II
Date: April 22, 8 pm
Venue: Cantos Music Foundation (134 11th Ave SE)

There is a very strong possibility that this will be sold out in advance so if you would like a ticket, I urge you to purchase on in advance as once all the tickets are sold there will be none available at the door. Tickets can be bought at Xerion Homeopathie in Varsity or by emailing me sora@soramusic.ca

The week went by in a blur, as I wrote and wrote and wrote. I was asked to write melody and some lyrics for some already existing bed tracks, which was something new to me, and quite intoxicating. I have been breathing and dreaming in sound, and today I am taking some time to come up from up from under this musical shade and enjoy the sounds of spring instead.

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