So Savage

The mist held me in rapture this week, clinging to every corner of the day. It has left me feeling dreamy and otherworldly despite having almost every second of my time scheduled, pushed into tight little nodules. Today though, all is light, and there is a sweetness to the warmth, as though in it I could taste petals yet to come. 

Catherine and I have been dutifully rehearsing for our upcoming concert "Twisted Fables & Woven Worlds" and this week Catherine arrived with a sly smile on her face saying "I have something for you I think you are going to love". And love it I did, for she pulled out of her purse a DVD that contained an excerpt from the October "Mask and Muse" concert! EEEE! It was all I could do, to refrain from ripping it out of her hands ~laugh~, instead I calmly took it and inserted it as graciously as my happy trembling hands could into my laptop and I am pretty sure I was grinning the entire time. EEE! 

I am very excited to share it with you. The concert was framed around the 9 Muses, and this is the Erato segment. Erato was the muse of passionate sensuality, and is examined in three different ways by Erin, Catherine and myself. The clip opens with Erin Dingle's provocative performance of her spoken word piece "Tease", then moves into one of my songs, "Savage" and finally ends with Catherine's passionate song "Bound".
I cannot wait for the next concert. If you like what you see here, tickets are still available for the May 25th concert, the second in the Mask and the Muse series. To purchase tickets click here 

Twisted Fables & Woven Worlds
May 25: 7 pm
Cardel Theatre 180 Quarry Park Blvd SE
Tickets: $18 in advance /$20 at the door

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