Shapes of Wind

The wind is filling my senses today, singing along the cracked edges of the windows, calling the ocean in the leaves, tidal upon the shimmering grasses. Summer arrives on a broken chariot of light and though I am glad for the easy warmth, I find myself often languid and limp in the heat. It is only when the wind trails it's cool fingers upon my skin that I feel myself restless, ready to become. It seems a good day to find exaltation in the shapes the wind makes upon the land.

It also seems a good day to finally overcome the anxiety that has been building of late and get myself into the water to start practicing for my underwater photo shoot with the spectacular Renee Robyn. I am terribly excited about the shoot, and have also been slightly terrified, wondering if this is something I can actually pull off ~laugh~. So I headed to the rec center today and just practiced holding my breath underwater. It has been bizarre to me, this anxiety, as I am normally a water person. I can feel the ocean in my veins and swimming has always been my strongest sport. In fact, it is the only sport I have ever truly enjoyed. There is a sighing relaxation the comes over me as I step into water, to the sound of it in my ears, to the feeling of my body lifted and fluid within. Today was no different, I release into the water as though I am dissolving and feel a peace settle on the all the restless corners of my mind. Underwater was fine, and I now feel more confident..yes, this is going to be amazing, and what is there NOT to like? I am not sure what was stopping me up before, maybe just the notion of looking at picture after picture of me making a "oh my god there is water up my nose" face ~laugh~. Happily I can report that whatever water WAS up my nose was of no consequence. Non-doofas faces here I come! So, I can just let all those self-defeating thoughts tumble right out of me and get on with the UNDERWATER PHOTO SHOOT! EEEE! 

My first tour of BC starts in a couple of weeks, which I have been working towards. Catherine Gell was going to be joining me, but due to contractual conflicts, she can no longer be my partner in crime. So it will be me solo, for which I am excited (but dreading the long drives by myself...why oh why is Canada SO big?)

But check out the stunning poster Adrea Wirl made for me! I love it! (so much so I might need to use this design again)

Speaking of the lovely Ms Wirl, she is going to be designing a small book of my poetry and musings. How fun is that? I am over the moon excited. I am hoping it will be available when my new album is out in January. 

Back to the tour...~laugh~ 
The dates are as follows:
July 24th, 8 pm
Bluebelle Bistro 
flexible ticket via donation jar

July 26, 7pm
House concert (address to be released after tickets are purchased) Tickets $15

Birch Island
July 29, 2 pm
Serenity Performing Arts Center
flexible ticket via donation jar


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