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The mountains are spectacular this morning, crisp pink crests beyond the hollow swirls my breath makes in November's cool well. The sky, flawless, as light bleeds into the gradients of fading twilight. The moon is a secret smile behind the veiled eyes of morning. All I can think is how transient each moment feels, when the difference between morning and night is but a heartbeat, and before my eyes the colours morph and play. Each second I think, THIS is the most perfect moment, until the next is more achingly beautiful, the tonal shades deeper, the feeling within more pristine. How beautiful it is to be alive today. 

I am very pleased that 'Twilight' was played on Marc Gunn's Irish and Celtic Music Podcast, episode #73. Thanks Marc!

Songs from Heartwood will be played on The Essence Show on Sunday, November 15. As well, I did an interview with the very personable Becky Johnston for The Pacific Northwest Celtic Music Podcast which will air on November 20, 2009. Thanks to Kara and Becky!

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