Players Ensemble, Heather Blush on November 29

A week. A week until I stand with a string quartet and the ethereal voice of Vanessa Farkas and sing. I am so excited, tinged with a tiny little bit of "oh my god". ~smile~ I am insanely happy about it, and am itching to feel the sound, to be in that moment. I had a couple of extra string quartets arranged to make a complete set. So Heartwood, Eurydice and The Juniper now have string arrangements, I cannot wait to hear for real, and not just as a torturous finale mp3. :) The concert is going to be really awesome. I am sharing the time with another Calgary artist, Heather Blush, whose voice has a smooth bluesy quality to it. She is a fantastic performer and her Vice song is STILL in my head over a year since seeing her sing it, so I hope if you are in Calgary you will come out. Tickets can be purchased on the site of the Players Ensemble

The details are:
The Players Ensemble with Heather Blush and Sora
November 29th, 2009
1 pm - 2:45 pm
Mikey's Juke Joint

The day waits on pins, ready to exhale into night. I feel it beneath my skin, a tingling, as if it were new skin stretching. There is a tautness to this time of day, and I desire to scratch through the light to find the starry darkness underneath. The tenuous light filaments dissolve into a grey twilight, and I desire nothing more than to sit at my piano and write. I am obsessed with writing in 5/4 and my heros song fills my dreams....

Hear the call
Lay down your love
A world in need
His shadowed cree......

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